Family Protection

What if the worst happened and you passed away. How would this impact financially on your loved ones?

Would your partner and children be able to remain in your home, or would the financial burden be too much?

If your partner doesn’t work due to raising your children, would this be able to continue?

Life assurance is the cheapest of all policies, yet is often overlooked by families in the UK. By obtaining cover, you could rest assured that in the event of you or your partner passing away, your family will be financially secure.

How would you pay your bills if you were unable to work due to an illness or an accident?

For self-employed people particularly, Income Protection can be a vital policy to ensure you have the peace of mind that your mortgage will be paid in the event of illness/injury. With many variables, such as the amount covered, the time between claim and pay out (deferred period), but could be the most important thing you do.

Previously called Permanent Health Insurance (PHI), the permanent referred to the fact that the insurer can never cancel the policy due to the claims history. So once you’re covered, as long as you maintain your premiums, you will remain covered until retirement.

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